Functional skills

Functional Skills

English and Maths

What are Functional Skills

Functional skills are everyday skills that make a person perform basic daily tasks confidently and with precision. These skills make them go through the day as they go out, interact with new people, dine out, and give inputs in their classroom.

Functional skills are key to the apprenticeship structural standards and empower the apprentice’s learning journey in the following ways;

  • Put these functional skills to use in their daily tasks

  • Simply more complicated tasks with the use of English and Maths

  • Get proactive with interacting, engaging, and discussing new topics with peers

  • Get ahead with their problem-solving skills

  • Have a professionally stimulating environment and also enhance their personal growth


In the global environment, being familiar with English has become more of a necessity for a person to settle well in a new workplace, institution, or group. Not only it prepares you to get ahead in the new world but also opens up a multitude of possibilities by removing linguistic and intellectual barriers.English, being a global language sets an advantage for anyone with a grip on it. The English course is designed for apprentices who are looking to become better and excel at basic language domains such as reading, listening, and speaking.

  • Learning with interaction

  • Practise papers

  • Earn Level 1 & 2 English Functional skills certificate

  • Free/ Fully funded course

  • Additional support is available for learners who may require

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Mathematics is the key analytical skill that each one of us requires to optimise on a daily basis. The subject makes you better at critical thinking, problem-solving, and driving fast basic calculations. Having a strong hold on these functional skills enables a learner to interact in a learning environment more confidently.At Genius Junction, we take pride in our training facility for functional skills and give them equal importance as the core apprenticeship course structure. We prepare our learners by;

  • Providing an interactive learning classroom environment

  • Continuous support with concepts, practical tests, and brain-teasers

  • Level 1 & 2 Maths Functional Skills certificate

Mathematics is one of the most applied skills in everyone’s life and every waking second, you’re doing calculations that help you get through the day. To have a firm grasp on the subject isn’t only a competitive advantage but also a necessity.

How it works

Initial Assessment

Every learner goes through an initial assessment at the embankment of your course to help define their hold on the subject and set a course accordingly. This assessment analyses the strong and weak areas with the skills and thus, helps the tutor provide the best-suited learning plan for the apprentice.

Diagnostic Assessment

The Diagnostic assessment is crucial to any apprentice’s learning journey as it investigates the student’s familiarity with the subject on a deeper level and helps them understand it better. It’s proven to help the learner with making the right decision on which areas they need to focus on more to improve their overall competency in the skill.

Bespoke individual learning plan

These are the tailor-made learning plans that are designed for the learners after all the assessments. The goal of this plan is to make a student fully prepared to write their final examination with complete confidence and knowledge. Some of the material included in this plan is practice papers, assignments, assessments, video clips, and other resources.