Our Value

We have a Passion

Enhancing both our global and local communities’ futures. Our students are the first to do it. Our cutting-edge programs and creative teaching methodology equip students for prosperous jobs and a brighter future. At the College, our main goals are to provide excellence in instruction and learning as well as a setting that enables every student to reach their full potential. Specifically, we are dedicated to fostering a love of learning and motivating every student to fulfill their own goals, be they job advancement, college-level consideration, or personal interests.
Caremark Franchised Associates

Caremark Franchised Associates

As a franchised associate of a well-known home care provider, Genius Junction provides companionship, personal support, housekeeping, and in-home care services.
Our Values

Our Values

While our purpose and vision show us the direction we wish to go, our values show us the path. They permeate our core and strategic operations, transcend organizational borders, and bind us socially. 

Cooperation: We achieve better outcomes when we work together, utilizing our many skills and perspectives.

Integrity: We are accountable to one another, honor our word, and fulfill our promises.

Innovation: We don’t hesitate to try new ideas and learn from our mistakes as well as our successes.

Excellence: In all we do, we aim for the highest possible quality outcomes.

Diversity and Incorporation: We value each and every person and recognize that their unique experiences, talents, and viewpoints help us become more grounded as a company and better people overall.